Beneficiaries and Impacts in Our Communities


Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County believes that one child without access to health coverage is one child too many. Our mission is to ensure access to and advocacy for health care services for all children through family-centered and innovative approaches. Our strategies for achieving our mission are to engage in resource development, programming and outreach on behalf of the underserved members of our community.

The Healthier Kids Foundation has now vision screened over 23,000 children and helped 950 receive glasses.  Many of these children might not have been diagnosed or at least would have had delayed care without our Turkey Trot funding.  Healthier Kids leads to learning readiness.”   Kathleen King – Healthier Kids Foundation 



The mission of the Housing Trust Silicon Valley is to make Silicon Valley a more affordable place to live. It makes loans and grants to increase the supply of affordable housing, prevent homelessness and assist qualified individuals and families to buy their first home. We are nationally recognized for providing the resources and leadership needed to make housing more affordable for those who want to live in the Silicon Valley. This is accomplished by leveraging voluntary contributions from local Silicon Valley companies with public funding to make a meaningful impact countywide.

From the Housing Trust Silicon Valley:
“Each year, Housing Trust Silicon Valley provides homelessness assistance to individuals and families moving into permanent housing by providing security deposit assistance grants through our Finally Home Program.  Proceeds from Applied Materials’ Silicon Valley Turkey Trot support the Finally Home program, helping to assist nearly 500 individuals, and provide over $200,000 in security deposit grants each year.  This funding is imperative to continuing our efforts to fight homelessness in our community, and we thank the Turkey Trot on behalf of the hundreds of Valley residents it helps us assist annually.”


About Second Harvest Food Bank

Based in Silicon Valley, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties is one of the largest food banks in the nation. Currently providing food to more than one quarter of a million people every month, Second Harvest is a trusted community-based organization that was founded in 1974. Despite the immense wealth in Silicon Valley, and partly due to the high cost of living, hunger and malnutrition are pervasive. The Food Bank distributes nutritious food, including more fresh produce than any other food bank in the country, through a network of more than 320 nonprofit partners at more than 850 sites. Second Harvest is pursuing innovative efforts to increase access to food resources as it seeks to feed an additional 100,000 hungry people each month. To reach more people, it connects those in need to federal nutrition programs and other food resources. To learn more about how Second Harvest is building a hunger-free community, visit

“Thanks to the support of Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the donation from the Turkey Trot, Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties will be able to provide 2.9 million additional pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to feed hungry families in our community.  Second Harvest already distributes more fresh produce than any other food bank in the U.S. and remains committed to ensuring that anyone who needs a healthy meal can get one.”



Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County joined as a beneficiary in 2013. One in four children in Santa Cruz County suffers from malnutrition. Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz is working to ensure that every child has the healthy food they need to thrive.

“Proceeds from the “Silicon Valley Turkey Trot” has provided 300,000 healthy meals to children, families, seniors, veterans and the disabled in Santa Cruz County.”  Suzanne Willis – SHFB


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In 2014 we added a fifth beneficiary, The Health Trust.  Founded in 1996 as a charitable foundation, the vision of The Health Trust is to make Silicon Valley the healthiest region in America—for everyone.  The Health Trust provides community health services, awards grants, and engages in policy and advocacy that support its vision and three strategic initiatives: Healthy Living, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Aging.