Kaiser Permanente “How I Thrive” Contest

Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive Together mission enables people to discover different ways they can improve their lives through programs that emphasize great health care, staying active, eating healthy, living well and giving back. In being the official sponsor for the “How I Thrive” Contest, Kaiser Permanente is highlighting its Staying Active component in conjunction with the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot.

While registering, be sure to share with us how the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot makes you or your family “Thrive” in relation to health, wellness and community. In November, our team will go through each submission and pick the top two entries and each will receive a prize on race day.

Our 2017 “How I Thrive” Contest Top Four Entries


We’ve been married 10 years and parents for 7. The SV Turkey Trot is our first real family tradition that is OURS. From diaper changes on chilly picnic tables to navigating crowds of runners with a double stroller to now being able to tackle the 5k with all of us running on our own two feet, our family has “grown up” with this race and collected years of unforgettable memories and smiles!” – Amy Pizarro

Runner Up

“Turkey Trot is not just a race. It’s a tradition. As the years progress, people get married, start families, move away and grow apart. Schedules never sync and opportunities to see one another slip through the cracks. Except for one day. Every year we get together on this morning to run. Run and enjoy the streets of San Jose in blissful moments caught between sweat drops running down our forehead. We run to a finishing line that always ends with a celebratory beer at Whole Foods. Time stops and it feels like nothing has changed. Turkey Trot helps friendships and families thrive. It’s not a race. It’s a tradition.”  – Josh Jeong

Third Place

“Everyday, our world grows a little bit bigger. There are more channels on our television, more sites on our web browser, and more students in our classrooms. More than anything, there is dialogue about change– how to create, influence, and become the change we would like to see in the world. Each step I take in this race is a vow that I make to continue striving to help others.  This Turkey Trot is the dialogue our community needs to THRIVEtogether, and each face I see along side me will only confirm what a wonderful world I live in.  Let’s help each other, and make the world a better place.” – Melody Grace Burdick

Fourth Place

“To thrive is to be prosperous. In order to be in such a state is predicated by dedication. So I strive. To thrive. By all means, every effort to be in good health is shared with all of those who believe. This race is not to win but to succeed. The training is not to attain a sense of higher ego, but to enjoy a better quality of life. The participants join together in all runs and walks of life to spread joy to those who are downtrodden or stricken by illness. This is how we all thriveas a community, when the people come together and donate our funds and bodies to a greater purpose. Charity. Thrive on!” – Mack Larson

Learn more about healthy exercise from Kaiser Permanente’s Let’s Thrive Program below.