TOYOTA – Lead the Trot Sponsor

The Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot is excited to have TOYOTA as the official Lead the Trot Sponsor.  TOYOTA will be leading the start of the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot with their innovative and groundbreaking Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, the Mirai.

The Toyota Mirai: The No-Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle.

Available only in California. Be an advocate for the environment. Get $15,000 / 3 years of complimentary fuel.

What Is A Fuel Cell Vehicle?

The fuel cell vehicle features hydrogen fuel tanks (the hydrogen is a compressed gas, similar to Natural Gas in a Natural Gas vehicle), an electric motor, a battery and a power control unit. The hydrogen gas is fed into the fuel cell stack where it is combined with oxygen from the ambient air. Together, the hydrogen and oxygen create an electrochemical reaction, producing electricity that is used to power the vehicle with a byproduct of water. Just as with the gasoline engine and battery in the Toyota Prius, the power control unit in the fuel cell decides when the vehicle should be powered by fuel cell stack and when the battery should assist for maximum efficiency. The fuel cell utilizes similar hybrid technology logic developed for our hybrid synergy drive systems with the gasoline engine replaced by a fuel cell stack.

What Are The Emissions?

The fuel cell vehicle produces only water as the by-product out of the tailpipe. It has been certified as a Zero Emissions Vehicle by the California Air Resources Board.

What Is The Range Of The Vehicle?

Mirai has an EPA-estimated driving range of 312 miles and an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 67 MPGe.

How Can I Learn More About The Car?

Visit for more information. To sign up to receive Mirai vehicle product news and information updates, go to:


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